Terms and Conditions

The Most Important Terms and Conditions mentioned herein below are an indicative list of terms and conditions of Lead Passers, a services/product referral product. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with those mentioned in the Referral Agreement. For an exhaustive list of terms and conditions of our referral product, please refer to the referral agreement available on mobile application or website or sent to you by Lead Passers on your registered email id.

1) Our Terms and Conditions are only restricted to the Lead Passer.

2) To be a Lead Passer, the individual should be 18years or above. He/she should have an active bank account. The rewards will be subjected to prevailing tax deductions and Lead passers have to provide the PAN details to get the TDS credit if any deducted from the reward payments.

3) A member who has downloaded the Lead Passer application cannot be a lead himself/herself. Leadpasser can pass the lead of other persons who are in need of services/products offered on this portal.

4) In case the same lead is passed by two leadpassers than the leadpasser who has first passed the lead will get the lead counted in his account and the second lead will not be considered. This filtration is done through a check of repetition of the same mobile number and product. However, if the second lead for the same mobile number is for another product than it will be considered as another fresh lead in the account of the second leadpasser.

5) A Lead Passer will only be paid after their lead has been completed in all respect. Definition of completion of lead differs for each product/service.

6) Leadpassers.com application is only an aggregator and referral platform. It is not responsible for the ultimate product like loan sanctions, insurance cover, etc. Leadpassers.com is neither a Bank, Financial Institution, NBFC, SBFC, Insurance Company, etc.

7) LeadPassers.com does not guarantee the loan sanction as the decision of lending is taken by the respective bank or NBFC.

8) The loan amount and terms sanctioned will be governed by the Terms and Conditions provided by the bank or financial institution which sanctions the loan.

9) Lead Passers is in no event responsible for the difference in interest rates and terms and conditions and any mid-term policy changes of the bank or the financial institute which is sanctioning the loan to the borrower.

10) For any query/complaint, please contact at Customer Care Desk at Branches or write to customer care at leadpassers.com.

11) In case the grievance is not resolved within a reasonable time, he/she may escalate his/her complaints to the following higher level authority/committee:- Name: Mr XXX; Designation: Compliance Head; Phone: 040 - 23378279; Email: info@leadpassers.com

12) Leadpassers.com is a web portal product of M/s. Coltivare Tech Services Private Limited.